Canon Rebel T2i Vs Canon EOS 50D – Which DSLR to Buy

Have you been trying to decide about a digital SLR for personal use? It can get confusing, right?What about the difference between Canon’s newest rave, the Rebel T2i vs EOS 50D?Let’s start with price, just because that is a good starting place.Apples to apples – body only (no lens included), you can get the Canon Rebel T2i ($875) for about $125 less than a Canon EOS 50D ($999). Actually, since the introduction of the Canon EOS 7D, the price of the 50D has come down significantly, but stay tuned for the “rest of the story.”Even though the Canon Rebel T2i is touted as an “entry level” digital SLR, the features rival and even surpass the 50D in a couple of areas. It is kind of difficult to think of the T2i as a camera just for beginners in the SLR photography market. There are many advanced photogs who are getting one for a backup to their higher end model.

The main advantages of the Canon Rebel T2i vs EOS 50D:

Video – this feature is totally lacking on the 50D. And the T2i has improved dramatically over it’s older sibling (T1i). The video is pretty darn good, although it is not quite as good as a dedicated video camera. But it truly is an advantage to have both still and video in the same camera.

Resolution – The Canon Rebel T2i is a full 3-megapixels more than the EOS 50D. The image quality is improving as well, compared to older Rebel models.

Exposure Compensation – The Canon Rebel T2i sports a +/-5.0 full stops while the EOS 50D can only range +/-2.0 stops.

Zone Metering – The Canon 50D has 35 point evaluative metering which is not bad, but the T2i has a new 63 point evaluative system.
Now, as a new photographer, you may not get too excited about things like exposure compensation and zone metering. Perhaps you don’t even know what they are, which is the exact point of the comment above that the Canon Rebel T2i should not be considered a camera just for beginners. With this camera, Canon has “raised the bar” for entry level digital SLRs.Let’s take a quick look at the advantages of the EOS 50D vs the Canon Rebel T2i:

Build quality – It has the “feel” of a more professional camera.

AF system – Faster, more accurate auto focus, with a microfocus adjustment.

Quick Control Dial – This dial on the rear of the camera allows users to get quickly to most camera controls.

Continuous Shooting – Much faster burst rate at 6.3 frames per second vs. 3.7.

Shutter speed – 1/8000th of a second is twice as fast vs. 1/4000th.
Bottom Line – The playing field is getting smaller. When buying a digital SLR camera, you really need to examine the features to evaluate them against your needs. Many photographers are finding that even the entry level products are fully capable of giving them a quality image similar to the higher end, far more expensive, cameras.